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Hi I'm Erin Binns

Not your typical business advice.  Whether you’re

new or already earning high amounts, let’s grow

your business without relying on social media.

Breath of fresh air, right?

Hi I'm Erin, and most people call me Binns!  I'm serious about helping female entrepreneurs grow their business without taking myself too seriously! 


I'm on a mission to transform the way you think about your clients, client services, teach you how to develop strong long lasting relationships so that your clients become your raving fans and repeat clients.  We are dropping the hustle, the grind, and the worry of where your next client will come from.

Did you know that 80% of your total business will come from just 20% of your clients?! 


You are your greatest gift, don't forget that.  Saying I'm proud of the business that I've built is an understatement.  Six years ago I was only dreaming of the life and business I have today.  When I first started as an entrepreneur I was stressed beyond anything I had ever experienced before, I was working more than my corporate job (and that's the complete opposite of what I wanted), I was working every weekend and missing out on adventures with my this day I regret that! and most days you could find me on the verge of tears because I knew there had to be another way and nothing seemed to be working.

I was doing all the things that my industry was telling me to do, all the cold calls and DM'ing on social media and the list goes on.  

I hit a breaking point, I remember it vividly, I decided on that Tuesday that I had had enough of the noise and


I was going to do things MY own way,

I was going to trust myself.

I was going to focus on the relationships that I already had.

I was going to work my warm market, my own network.

I hired a coach who had nothing to do my my current industry.   

I tell you this because that was a pivotal moment in my life and business.  I aligned my beliefs and strengths with my actions and my business completely turned around. 

Building your dream business

In one year I went from $800k to $8M in sales...and I did it without relying on social media or working more hours.

Let me show you how.

Here is sneak peak at what is possible when you are in my world

Clients are experiencing transformations in their businesses, sales, income, processes, and lifestyle.  It's happening once they step into my world, say yes to themselves and move forward into this new level of life and business.  This is why I do what I do!  

  • Making their first $100k year after being in business for 8 years.

  • Sending out ONE email and having 7 new pieces of business come in the next day!

  • Creating courses, launching them and creating their first $10k months.

  • Buying their dream home on the beach, something they have dreamt for years!

  • Moving across country and into their dream house

  • Hiring staff after years of doing it solo (and multiple staff members!).

  • Writing books that they have wanted to do for years!

  • Having their best year in sales ever and working less than ever before.

  • Creating $12M in sales!

  • Putting themselves first on their "to do list".

  • Buying investment properties and vacation homes.

  • Having their side business create $7k months!

  • Building their confidence when it comes to sales and building raving fans.

  • Surprising their partner with weekends away.

  • Working 4 day work weeks.

  • Hiring staff so they have more time freedom.

Client Wins!

Ready to get work together?

Book your FREE 30 minute strategy session to which of my programs are the right fit for your business.  You may also be ready for private one one one's the ultimate launch pad for your biz.

What I'm all about...

About Me

I fell into the world of customer service at age 20 while working for a luxury hotel chain.  This experience made me understand the importance of client-focused strategies, which I have employed in my own business. I have a practical approach to business while emphasizing an exceptional level of customer.


Coaching has always come naturally to me so I've decided to bring it to the masses!  This practical program will help you increase your revenue, retain clients, enhance your clients' overall experience, and will have leads coming to you. You have the ability to thrive and grow, sometimes you just need a nudge!


It's never easy to talk about yourself or to ask for referrals and testimonials, however it's so important for your business.   I'll teach you how to effectively ask for and receive meaningful recommendations.  I know it doesn't sound sexy, but it will have a massive impact to your confidence and most importantly your bottom line.

Why Work With Erin?
Sarah Grant.jpeg

Erin Binns is a real businesswoman and a wealth of knowledge. Working with her has elevated my business in so many ways and I can’t recommend her as a business coach enough. Every call with her is jam-packed with value and I love how I always walked away with a list of actionable steps to bring me closer to my goals. She is honest and straightforward and tells it like it is which is something that has helped my growth. Aside from all of the above, she is so enthusiastic about her client’s success and her charismatic energy is contagious. I looked so forward to our calls and can’t stress enough that if you need help leveling up your business, don’t hesitate to engage Erin as your coach. You will not be sorry.

Sarah Grant
Be Neat Studio


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