Word on the Street is...

Erin Binns is a real businesswoman and a wealth of knowledge. Working with her has elevated my business in so many ways and I can’t recommend her as a business coach enough. Every call with her is jam-packed with value and I love how I always walked away with a list of actionable steps to bring me closer to my goals. She is honest and straightforward and tells it like it is which is something that has helped my growth. Aside from all of the above, she is so enthusiastic about her client’s success and her charismatic energy is contagious. I looked so forward to our calls and can’t stress enough that if you need help leveling up your business, don’t hesitate to engage Erin as your coach. You will not be sorry.

Erin Williams

Web Designer



Erin always has your best interest at heart and really cares about you and your business.  And what I really appreciate is her communication style, she is very direct, honest and transparent when sharing her methodologies.  I have brought in her to speak to groups and they always appreciate her wealth of knowledge and her candid no-nonsense approach.  Over the years of getting to know Erin I have seen her continue to get better and better.  She is continually investing in herself to improve and provide exceptional service to her clients.  She practices what she preaches and it shows in her incredible results. Erin is a huge support to any community she decides to become involved with.  I am always getting feedback about the support she is providing (that I didn't even know about!). She reaches out to people on her own and is always available to guide people.  Erin cares deeply about everyone she interacts with, and if you are a client she will ensure you are taken care of and will set you up for success.  Erin has the biggest heart and it shows in how she works with people.

Hina Khan 




In the short time that Erin and I have been working together, she has helped me unlock more potential in myself and my business that I have all year. She is kind and compassionate, all while creating a sense of urgency that holds me accountable and helps put things in motion. I cannot wait to see what the next few months have in store for me. I am a truly grateful. Best money spent!

Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis Designs



Working with Erin helped me not only define my goals but also review them on a daily basis. I always knew what I needed to do in my business but for some reason, I wasn't taking the action necessary to achieve my goals. I also wasn't in charge of my schedule until Erin clearly pointed it out to me! Since then, I have established small daily habits that ultimately will bring me closer to achieving my 2020 goals, including digging a bit deeper to really understand what's important to me, both personally and professionally.

Snezhana Todorova

Mortgage Broker



I have had the pleasure of working beside Erin for the past 6 months, and her work continues to amaze me every single day.  I see what she does not only for her coaching clients but for her real estate clients too.  I know it’s cliche to read testimonials and hear about how someone continually goes above and beyond… but, there really is no other way I can describe Erin to you.  She is always there to help her clients at that next level and she cares so much about every single one of them.  What she’s taught me in my own business has been invaluable and I will forever be grateful.  She’s so easy to talk to and I feel lucky to have her in my corner.

Brittney Jones

Online Business Owner



Erin's coaching has brought clarity to my thinking. She has easily helped me lay out next steps for me and how to organize my time to be most efficient. I love the fact she's taught me how important thanking the client is. I highly recommend Erin and tell people she will bring you to a new level

Jana Girdauskas
Founder of The Period Purse