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What Clients Are Saying...

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Working with Erin! Wow so much I can say! If I am honest as a solopreneur who has invested a LOT in her business with little return in the last year I ws nervous about the investment. Had I know the impact and the value I got from the 1:1  VIP day with her I would have jumped in without a seconds hesitation. I loved the experience itself, to take a day, dress up and feel like royalty was enough to actually give me the head space to work on my biz vs in it. Erin has an incredible ability to truly see you and your business. She was able to look at the bigger picture, hold my vision, with understanding of where I am at and the season I am in in life. She was able to create an epic plan, organize and elevate everything from my schedule, systems and implemented so much of the doing for me. I left feeling spoiled, taken care, with my business detangled. Following that I have had her support to take the actions I have been procrastinating on all year. The results and ROI have paid for themselves and I am only 2 weeks out! If you feel the pull, you will not regret it! Best money I spent on my biz all year! 

Francesca Brunsden
Mindset Coach


Erin is super organized with great attention to detail and she listens. Really listens. If you know what you want and you are organized on your end, she can help you create a clear path to action. And she holds you accountable. Not in an annoying gym trainer tough love way but in a way that just makes you want to do it and share your success with her! Erin has enabled me to take immediate action with immediate results in reaching back to my former clients. My mindset has shifted with respect to touch points with clients, ideas about how to nurture current and former clients are coming more naturally and it feels good to show you care about clients with little tokens of appreciation.Working with Erin was Amazing! Really there is no better word. It feels good to be taking the ideas that I have been gathering from various business books about what I should be doing and actually just start doing them!

Laroux Peoples 
Family Lawyer

Sarah Grant.jpeg

When I first launched my business, I was thrilled to do something I love and have great flexibility around family life. I connected with Erin when I saw a real business opportunity to grow my revenues and income and wanted to invest more time into growth. I had had one big month prior to working with her and wanted to make that the norm. Working with Erin helped me attract new clients and bring on more contractors, so I could sustain and navigate the growth without compromising my lifestyle. Erin’s expertise in sales, client service and customer relationship management are hugely valuable to anyone in client services and her mindset and coaching style help eliminate any doubt to pursue big goals with confidence. What I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year working with Erin has exceeded all my expectations and dreams and has given me tools and systems to take forward into the next phase of growth.

Sarah Grant
Be Neat Studio


In the short time that Erin and I have been working together, she has helped me unlock more potential in myself and my business that I have all year. She is kind and compassionate, all while creating a sense of urgency that holds me accountable and helps put things in motion. I cannot wait to see what the next few months have in store for me. I am a truly grateful. Best money spent!

Danielle Lewis
Danielle Lewis Designs


Working with Erin helped me not only define my goals but also review them on a daily basis. I always knew what I needed to do in my business but for some reason, I wasn't taking the action necessary to achieve my goals. I also wasn't in charge of my schedule until Erin clearly pointed it out to me! Since then, I have established small daily habits that ultimately will bring me closer to achieving my goals, including digging a bit deeper to really understand what's important to me, both personally and professionally.

Snezhana Todorova
Mortgage Broker


I have had the pleasure of working beside Erin for the past 6 months, and her work continues to amaze me every single day.  I see what she does not only for her coaching clients but for her real estate clients too.  I know it’s cliche to read testimonials and hear about how someone continually goes above and beyond… but, there really is no other way I can describe Erin to you.  She is always there to help her clients at that next level and she cares so much about every single one of them.  What she’s taught me in my own business has been invaluable and I will forever be grateful.  She’s so easy to talk to and I feel lucky to have her in my corner.

Brittney Jones
Online Business Owner


Erin's coaching has brought clarity to my thinking. She has easily helped me lay out next steps for me and how to organize my time to be most efficient. I love the fact she's taught me how important thanking the client is. I highly recommend Erin and tell people she will bring you to a new level

Jana Girdauskas
Founder of The Period Purse


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