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The Client
Code Method

A done for you service like you've never seen before

Helping you create raving clients, driving referrals & sales

through the roof, and get more time back with your family

Imagine clearing up all the behind the scenes items (that are now taking away from what little time you had left over in the week), celebrating hitting your next major milestones with sales going THROUGH the roof, and not having to lift a finger.
A Done-For-You Service
Discover The Client Code Method


  • How to create consistent clients on a monthly basis
  • Scale your business
  • Build your business without relying on social media

client onboarding & nurture sequence

  • Create the  Client Experience
  • Client connection that results in  additional revenue
  • Don't miss out on income because you weren't in touch


  • Branding Guidelines
  • Done-For-You Templates
  • Social Media Branding Outlines
  • Refresh or Revamp


  • Systems and ongoing implementation
  • Create time freedom and new revenue
  • Get time back through templates and efficiencies


  • Evaluate what's working and what needs refining
  • Generate new ideas
  • Get to know your numbers on a new level
  • Implement simple, effective strategies and processes

Transform your business in the next 60 days

Client Acquisition

Where is your next client coming from?  I'll show you where.  This is completely custom for your business and your goals.  If you are low tech or love the latest system, it's designed for you and your business.  Again it's all a done-for-you system, so leave the tech to us.  We all want and need more clients and I'll show you how without social media or "salesy" tactics.

On Boarding & Nurture Sequence

An exceptional, custom client experience - it's the missing marketing pillar in your business.  We create a custom on boarding and client nurture system so you stay connected to your clients, create that raving fan who refers you on a regular basis and who uses your services over and over again.  

Workflows & Checklists

This is completely custom for your business and your goals.  If you are low tech or love the latest system, it's designed for you and your business, again it's all a done-for-you system so leave the tech to us.  Having a simple organized simple system will give you the time freedom you've been craving.  Don't let another client (or potential client) slip through the cracks because you didn't stay in touch with them.

Brand Builder

You need a little refresh and many not need a whole rebrand but you could use a refresh. Adjusting your branding can enhance your client experience, and streamlining your brand standards is essential for your practice.  Your brand is your client experience.

Business Audit

You may be doing things in your business because that's the way you've always done it or it's the way everyone else does it.  We take a look at systems, processes, and how to retain clients on a regular basis.  

How do we know so much about this?

Meet Erin Binns, the founder of the Client Design Company.

She has been mastering the art of client relationships that result in sustainable and consistent sales for over 20 years

The Client Experience IS your missing marketing strategy.  

After spending nearly two decades in luxury hotel sales, learning and implementing from the best where customer service is paramount, I took that experience with me when I started my own business.

When I began in real estate I could see that there was something massive missing in other female owned companies when it comes to client retention and relationships. For the past 6 years, I've been obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs build their business through client centred strategies (it doesn't have to be complicated).

I'm brining my proven strategies to female law firms across the country in a done-for-you service.

I grew my own business from $800K to $8M in sales in one year using these exact strategies.  

Female lawyers are working way too hard, worrying about how they'll find their next client and they are ignoring the missing link, their clients.

You can create 80% of your revenue from 20% of your clients.  I know you might be thinking, "my clients won't buy over and over again"...but what you are missing is cultivating those strong relationships with your clients and network so that they refer you on regular basis.

Leveraging and strategically selling to your past clients and your warm network is the key to increasing your revenue.

I packaged my knowledge, systems and strategies to help you grow your business with ease.  All in a done-for-you service.



What do I have to do?

How does it work?

How is this service delivered?

This is a done-for-you service.  We will do a business audit so you will have to provide some information about your business and goals but leave the rest to our team.

We will break down each area of your business and you will have simple plan to execute.  We can also work with your team

for implementation.

We will have an initial call to establish gaps, goals, and deliverables.  This includes 5 x 1 hour calls and access to me via email.  All documents are delivered via a CRM.

I'm not a sales person.

I don't have time.

How long does it take?

That is exactly why you need this service.  It's a plug and play so you have the tools to be great at sales when you've struggled in the past.

This is the very reason why I created this service.  Women entrepreneurs are tapped out for time and I'm committed to changing that scenario.

This service is delivered to you in 60 days from start to finish, with options for on going support.

Have questions?

Ready to get started? Fill out this intake form and we will schedule your first call.  Over the next 60 days I've got your back and will be taking care of all the details.  Imagine how it's going to feel when you check all of this off your list and the sales are through the roof?!


Let's celebrate your success together.

Toronto, ON

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