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The Suit to Sneakers Podcast

Welcome to the Suit to Sneakers Podcast! A place where we ditch the corporate life for the entrepreneur adventure. I'm your host Erin Binns Business Coach + Strategist. I’m a straight shooter with a big dose of kindness and I can’t wait for you to write your next chapter.  Together we will discover what you really want, how to go for it and get you through the ups and downs of being your own boss. There will be real conversations on how to build your dream business, how to take on those scary risks, and how to exceed your client expectations.  All the while building a seriously kick-ass business... without taking yourself too seriously! Ohh and there will be a dash of motherhood tid bits in here because well the juggle is real.  Let’s hang up that blazer and put on your favourite pair of sneakers instead of wearing those shoes you know don’t fit anymore.

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