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About Erin...

Ohhh hi...


I'm a former corporate Hotel Sales Director turned entrepreneur and am passionate about helping women grow their businesses through client centred strategies, implementing simple efficiencies and tweaking their mindset to match what they want...and putting more white space back into your calendar.  I'm a quick witted business gal, trying to not take myself too seriously and at the same time I'm serious about making a difference.  Let me share how I do things differently.


What makes me different


I see things in a different light

I've learned over the years that I see things differently than most business coaches and consultants.  It's not always just the new system you need to implement, it's how you use it.  I also have the ability to see something in your business that many miss, I often hear "I never thought of that or no one has ever suggested that before".


I have the ability to perceive nuances, potential pitfalls, and untapped opportunities that may elude others. My keen observational skills enable me to provide valuable insights into the dynamics of professional relationships, productivity, and client satisfaction.


In the business world, where success often hinges on understanding and responding to subtle cues, I am able to guide you, a service-based professional towards a more profound comprehension of your practices and business.


I leverage what what others may overlook, I facilitate transformative experiences, helping clients unlock hidden potentials, refine strategies, and ultimately create businesses that resonate authentically with your values and aspirations.

I'm here to put more white space in your calendar, to have clients come to you instead of chasing your next file or client and to make simple yet effective changes to your business.  

Everyone has a unique experience working with me...its' your bespoke experience.


Because I truly make your experience with me about YOU and I can't wait to work with you. I'm your organizational bestie.


When I hung up my corporate business suit after 17 years for the entrepreneurial world, I was seriously shocked to hear from so many entrepreneurs that a major component of their business was missing: the client focus. Most entrepreneurs are too busy trying to find a new client when the gold mine is in your current database - the client you already have.

You see, business owners rarely connect with their clients past clients and don't use a customer tracking system. What I'm here to show entrepreneurs is that they can greatly improve their bottom line by taking care of their current clients.  

I see opportunities for you with your clients and how you actually run your business.  It doesn't have to be so complicated and often with a few tweaks you are running your business more efficiently than you ever imagined!

As much as I loved the hotel biz, I always knew I wanted more flexibility, something to call my own, and to grow a business that I could build beyond the four walls of the hotel.  I also knew I wanted to make more money, work less hours and not be limited by what a company said I could make or what was in the budget for salaries. So my first step to this was to get my real estate licence and I've never looked back at corporate, after all everyone in my immediate family was in real estate. 
Going from corporate to entrepreneurship was tough but I can clearly see that it's been one of the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I have always been open to self development, taking courses, open minded, I was a head coach for one of the industry's top leadership programs and it's always been a part of who I am, coaching people to be more effective and to help expand their business and mind. 

After a lot of success in real estate my true passion was screaming at me and this is where my coaching and consulting practice was created, launched and birthed and I never looked back.

Personal Desk

When speaking with so many business owners I was astounded by the lack of client engagement which leads to a lack of sales.  They were relying on broken systems and were basically doing nothing to acknowledge their clients, they were chasing their next client and quite frankly they are exhausted and stressed trying to find new business and the entire sales process.

It doesn't have to be so hard...I promise.

What Entrepreneurs are Missing the Mark On...

Did you know that acquiring a new customer can cost FIVE times more than retaining an existing customer?

The thing is, if you ever want to learn anything about customer service, client experiences, revenue generation, go talk to someone who has worked in hotel (good thing I'm here for you!!) they are masters when it comes to systems, taking care of clients, and getting them to return over and over again. 

You see there are millions of hotels to choose from (as there are millions of businesses like yours), so why do you choose to return to a hotel time and time again...I'll give you a hint, it's not because it's the newest and shiniest, it's because when a guest walks through the front door of a hotel the most important thing is that they feel appreciated, recognized and that it's a seamless experience while staying at the hotel and that you are one step ahead of them in anticipating their needs.

This also all leads back to working more efficiently, putting more white space back into your calendar which we all know is the MOST important thing we can do to be happy.  You didn't start your practice or business so you could work a million hours.  

When we work together you are going to experience all that you've been dreaming of, working that 4 day work week, billing more hours but working less hours, and having a completely new relationship to your schedule, your clients and what is really important to you. 


Ask Yourself...

  • What would it be like to actually work that 4 day work week

  • How would it feel to go on vacation without worrying about your business

  • What would it be like to have ownership over your schedule instead of playing dodgeball with it (If you are an 80's kid you you know what I'm talking about)

  • What would it be like to know exactly where your clients were coming from.

  • If you didn't feel overwhelm every time you opened your laptop

  • How would your business benefit if it was a well oiled machine

  • You didn't run your practice or business like "everyone else" and you did things differently

The Turning Point

Entrepreneurship sounds glamorous, when in fact it can be very lonely, you make lots of mistakes, waste a lot of money and you need community around you to help you along the way.  When I looked at my business and where I wanted to grow I knew I needed a coach, I wanted to reach a specific financial goal and knew I needed a coach to help me achieve that. 

For the first time in my life I jumped in without over thinking or putting it off until it was the "right time", I invested a significant amount of money to do so, the most I've ever spent before by and it was so worth it.  Not only did I make my money back in the time she was coaching me, she helped me grow my business to over six figures and helped me create and idea into a second stream of income in a very short period of time. 

Up until then I was growing my business the way other people have been doing it for years, door knocking, cold calling, terrible social media and sending DM's etc...I'd rather have a root canal than door knock. 

I knew there had to be another way...and there was.  I started to really show up to my network, connect with those I knew and started asking for referrals and created a business that I'm in love with.

When I stopped doing what others were doing and really looked at what I was exceptional at and started to share that everything changed.  You don't have to do what everyone else in your industry is doing.

My business exploded when I started to do business the way I wanted to do business, not the way other people told me to do it. 

What I know for sure...


I love when women ask me for advice as to how they can improve their business and I love seeing fellow entrepreneurs bust through barriers and achieve massive success.


When women come together to support one another, to hold one another accountable and to cheer each other on, ANYTHING is possible.

What many of us need is to get out of our own way, break through limiting beliefs, implement simple strategies (you don't need an overhaul!) and actually throw our hats over the fence without knowing where it will land or how it's going to get over the fence...

THIS is where the MAGIC is CREATED

Having a coach and consultant by your side, to show you what is possible, hold the space for you so that you can grow and achieve your goals (and ones you didn't even know you wanted) is why I started my business.  I have been where you are, I've failed, I've stumbled, I've taken way longer to do something than necessary, I've tried doing things on my own, I've read books, I've done it all.  When I finally decided  to work with a coach my life completely changed and I can't even begin to tell you how different and amazing my world is right now. 

Click below for a free 20 minute free discovery call and see how
we level up your business together.

Have an questions, not sure if this is right of your, send me an email at

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