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What wins will you be celebrating?

It's not the same growth strategies you've heard everywhere else

I do things differently. I have spent over 20 years dedicated to elevating the client experience so that it results in further revenue, repeat clients and referrals on repeat. 


I'm so excited for you to take your business to the next level, whether it's working one on one for coaching and strategy or my done with you service the Wealth Accelerator or my done for you service the Client Code Method, it's not the same growth strategies you have heard everywhere else. I've created something for everyone no matter what stage you are at.  

Tired of having to rely solely on Social Media for leads and new clients?

Do you struggle with "sales" and staying in touch with your clients?

Wondering how referrals can bring in more revenue without having to actually ask for the business?

Are you missing out on income opportunities because you don't stay in touch with your clients?

You have been plugging away at your business and want to level up but you just don't know how?

No matter where you are in your business I've got your back, when I work with my clients I'm their partner, I'm deep in their business, their coach, their consultant, their cheerleader and we you produce results beyond your wildest dreams.  Ohhh and I'm all about working smarter not harder so you can enjoy doing the things you love instead of worrying about where your next client is coming from.


Here is what my clients are experiencing working with me


  • Working that coveted 4 day work week that they have dreamt of.

  • Making their first $100k year after being in business for 8 years.

  • Sending out ONE email and having 7 new pieces of business come in the next day!

  • Creating courses, launching them and creating their first $10k months.

  • Buying their dream home on the beach, something they have dreamt for years!

  • Moving across country and into their dream house.

  • Hiring staff after years of doing it solo (and multiple staff members!).

  • Writing books that they have wanted to do for years!

  • Having their best year in sales ever in 10 years of being in business and working less than ever before.

  • Creating $12M in sales!

  • Putting themselves first on their "to do list".

  • Buying investment properties and vacation homes.

  • Having their side business create $7k months!

  • Building their confidence when it comes to sales and building raving fans.

  • Surprising their partner with weekends away.

  • Working 4 day work weeks.

What makes me different than other business coaches and consultants? 


Well let's be honest there is the right coach or consultant for everyone, if you are looking to grow your business without having to rely on social media I'm your gal!  I teach you how to grow your business through client-centred strategies such as growing and maximizing your current data base, your network, finding new leads and giving you a solid foundation to build your business on. 


I spent 20 years in luxury hotel sales and 7 years in real estate.  I've combined both of my experiences to to bring you a unique effective way to build your business through leveraging your relationships and creating that raving fan. 


I give you the practical tools you'll need to achieve your goals while having fun, doing business with ease and most importantly, increasing your revenue!  When it comes to finding new clients, how to step into the woman you know you want to be, how to show up for yourself and put you at the top of your "to do list" there are a few areas we go to work on and I'm by your side every step of the way. 

It's not all strategy my friend (and I love strategy!) and we are going to shift the way we think about your clients, their experience of working with you and ...and sometimes I wish it was but the reality is that we have to adjust the way we think about ourselves, our clients, our business in order to reach our next goal. 

I have 3 options for you!  Let's figure out what would be the best fit for you and your business.


Done WITH You

This is for the business owner who needs a custom plan to stay in touch with their clients, who wants to generate sales from referrals and needs new clients in their buins. Did you know that 80% of your revenue can come from 20% of your clients.?!

Options for VIP Days and virtual, imagine getting this all sorted in one day?!  

Get a system in place and finally call in those sales with ease.

1:1 coaching

Elite Private Coaching

This elite private coaching program is for the woman entrepreneur who is ready to take their business to the next level and beyond what they ever expected.  You have been in business for a while and you are felling like you need a partner by your side to get you to that next goal.  You are ready to go for what you want, you need a mindset shift and a plan to get you there!  Get ready to transform your business and life in our either 1, 3 or 6 months options.


Done FOR You

This is my 2 month luxury one on one DONE-FOR-YOU Service.  We are going to get all the systems and process in place, you know the ones you'v been putting off for ages?! This is completely customizable for you and your business.  Finding new clients, staying connected to your past clients, enhancing your client experience...this is what sales is all about without using social media.  I'm bringing you a 5 star luxury experience to you and your business so you can increase your revenue.

Not sure which one is for you?  

Book a free 20 minute breakthrough session and see
how we level up your business together.

Sarah Grant.jpeg

When I first launched my business, I was thrilled to do something I love and have great flexibility around family life. I connected with Erin when I saw a real business opportunity to grow my revenues and income and wanted to invest more time into growth. I had had one big month prior to working with her and wanted to make that the norm. Working with Erin helped me attract new clients and bring on more contractors, so I could sustain and navigate the growth without compromising my lifestyle. Erin’s expertise in sales, client service and customer relationship management are hugely valuable to anyone in client services and her mindset and coaching style help eliminate any doubt to pursue big goals with confidence. What I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year working with Erin has exceeded all my expectations and dreams and has given me tools and systems to take forward into the next phase of growth.

Sarah Grant
Be Neat Studio

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