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Sales and Self Sabotage

What if reshaping the way you thought of Sales actually increased your Sales?!

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Does the word "sales"

make you cringe?

  • You are amazing at your craft but when it comes to actually selling your product or service you just want to close your eyes and hide.

  • You could also think you are okay with sales but you find yourself stuck at the same number of sales every year and can't get to the next level of your business.

  • You find yourself procrastinating when it comes to sales and would rather do anything else than "sales", it's always at the bottom of your list and would rather "work on your website".

  • By saying you don't like sales it's resulting in you not making a sale, which leads to you playing small and not achieving your goals and not really going for it the way you know is possible.

  • What if I could show you how to think differently about sales which will lead to more revenue and less stress for you when it comes to generating sales.


This course may even be the last thing you want to do because it's focusing on sales, but the real impact here is that you are constantly worried about sales. 


Where is the next one coming from? 

How can I find a sale with the least amount of interaction with some? 

Your business isn't growing and may even be moving backwards. 

You can't remember the last time you increased your prices and it terrifies you to do so.


You know your business could be your dream business but you are stuck and scared and you just don't know how to sell without it feeling like you are selling.  

You deserve to have the business and confidence that you see in others on line all the time.  Your sales actually gets to be a natural extension of your business.

People buy from those who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST...

The rest are just stories that you've made up so that you don't have to get a little uncomfortable or actually reach your goals. 

You are excellent at what you do, you treat your clients with respect and integrity.  So why wouldn't customers want to buy from's because you aren't giving them a reason to.  What difference would it make for you and your business if you could actually embrace the sales process and build confidence around this area of your business?  When you reshape your thoughts around it, there is less drama, less avoidance, and less stigma that you have created.


Very early on in my career, I learned how to sell to people without them feeling like they are being "sold" too.   So I'm bring you all my knowledge, tips and proven methods of how to increase your sales with ease and how to effectively sell without being "salesy".  

What you will gain from this Course

 Over the next 4 weeks we are going to completely transform your sales

  • Create a new relationship with "sales" and create confidence when it comes to anything sales related.  See how you are making it more complicated than it need to be and are self sabotaging your business.

  • Learn how to quote your price and negotiate contracts with confidence and pride.

  • How to reach out to past clients without being scared to and how to get over it.

  • Gain effective proven sales strategies that don't even occur as sales but actually lead to sales.

  • Learn how to increase your sales, create raving fans that lead to repeat clients and to generate additional revenue for your business with ease.

  • Create a stream lined proven sales process for your business so that it has you spending more time doing the

  • things you love.


The first 5 clients who sign up will have Voxer access with me the duration of the course to help with the implementation process!!  Seriously this is gold, having me just a walkie talkie away from you!!



Erin is super organized with great attention to detail and she listens. Really listens. If you know what you want and you are organized on your end, she can help you create a clear path to action. And she holds you accountable. Not in an annoying gym trainer tough love way but in a way that just makes you want to do it and share your success with her!

Erin has enabled me to take immediate action with immediate results in reaching back to my former clients. My mindset has shifted with respect to touch points with clients, ideas about how to nurture current and former clients are coming more naturally and it feels good to show you care about clients with little tokens of appreciation.

Working with Erin was Amazing! Really there is no better word. It feels good to be taking the ideas that I have been gathering from various business books about what I should be doing and actually just start doing them!

- Laroux Peoples


Every time I work with Erin, she has the most incredible ideas to both wow my clients and help grow my bottom line... so joining her Q2 workshop was a no brainer! If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to work with Erin, take it! I left the workshop with 6 pages of notes and ideas to grow my business that has absolutely nothing to do with social media and I think that’s so cool in today’s market!

- Brittney Jones

About Me!

Erin Binns is a business coach and strategist along with being a real estate agent who hung up her corporate sales director position of 17 years for the entrepreneurial journey. When Erin started working for herself she quickly connected with other female business owners to create that sense of community and “team” that she missed so much in corporate life.


Throughout this experience she saw that so many female (and most) entrepreneurs were missing the mark on a massive revenue opportunity in their business.  Entrepreneurs work so hard at finding a new client that they would forget to stay in touch with them.


Coming from the hotel corporate world where customer experience and service is paramount, she has developed a coaching strategy to help women grow their business beyond what they every thought they could, giving them back more time freedom and to help them call in clients with ease.

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The Program Breakdown

​You know your business could be so much bigger but you just need more sales and then you avoid doing anything related to sales because you are scared and you'd rather work on your website than ask for a sale. 


I get it and I'm here to help you!  I'm going to guide you through this 8 week course and you are going to finish with more sales than you've made all year and a completely new positive perspective on how to generate sales.

4 Consecutive Weeks of guided support with weekly 45 minute group calls 


4 Impactful Modules to increase your sales with ease

(We will work on these modules ON the calls so that you can see immediate results)

Expert on going advice and support through our Private Facebook Community.

The Modules can be done at your own pace or on the group calls, reshape your thoughts and will generate sales with ease

Walk away with a plan and execution to help you create your business where 80% of your revenue comes

from 20% of your clients

***All calls will be recorded so you can catch the replay and you will have lifetime access to the modules***

Let's do this!

The Modules Breakdown

​There is a method to my madness, each module is thoughtful planned and executed to help build confidence with yourself when it comes to sales and to generate additional revenue for your business.  Isn't t this why we started out own business anyways?!  To have more time, freedom and uncapped income.  I'm here to show you how.

Module 1 - Reset the Mindset

Here we are going to dismantle our past experiences around sales, where our

thoughts came from and how we are going to create a new perspective on the art of sales.

Module 2 - How to Ask for the Sale

Learn effective sales strategies without being pushy or "salesy".  Negotiate and set your

pricing with confidence.  Setting goals for your month and

year and how to go after them and feel confident when doing so.

Module 3 - Client Connection

How to stay connected with your clients without seeming annoying.  Learn how to not let

clients choose someone else because you weren't in touch.

Module 4 - Implementation

How to actually generate the sales and create a plan for your business that will be the well oiled machine that you always dreamed of and have sales flowing to you instead of working so hard to find your next sale

Your Investment

4-Week program for $197 USD. 
Payment plan options available, please email for the link.


1. Who is this workshop ideal for?

If you are looking for strategies to generate new sales with an incredible amount of ease, you are in the right place.  This course is designed for anyone who needs help building confidence when it comes to sales and learn how to generate sales effectively and with ease.

2. Do I have to have an established business?

You are an entrepreneur so you are also a sales person, so yes this is for you!  No matter what your business is, you need sales so I'm here to help you 

This workshop is designed to help you level up in your business no matter what stage you are at.

3. How much time will this take?

I know we are all busy and I promise to make this as easy and streamlined as possible.  It is one of my super powers to be very focused and excel at execution.  The bi-weekly group calls will be one hour in length.  The workbook modules will take between 10-30 minutes that you can complete at your own pace.

4. What if I have questions throughout the program?

The first 3 people to join will have Voxer access to me!  I have also created a private FB group to help with support and any questions you may have.  You will also have email access to me throughout the program.

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