Spring Forward into Q2

Design and execute your Q2 Blueprint so that your biz and lifestyle come alive!

Do you have a plan for Q2?

  • Are you looking for new sales and leads for Q2?

  • Gain effective proven strategies to help increase sales, create raving fans who lead to repeat clients and to generate additional revenue for your business...what if this could be done with ease?

  • Have you been spending a lot of time on social media but don't feel it's going anywhere?

  • What if I could show you something else that wouldn't take up a lot of time that will help you spring your business forward?

I want you to know you are not alone...

I've been there, it's lonely being by yourself and doing things in your business that you aren't aligned with or you want to change but you just don't know how.  How can you fit everything you want to accomplish in the small amounts of time that you have.  You make it harder for yourself by doing it alone and not using the resources of those around you who may have a different take on your business or how you can do things more effective.  

When you build community around you doors open up, your eyes widen and you create a sense of giving and receiving.  Others have the knowledge that you need and you have the knowledge that others need.  When this all comes together it's MAGIC!

When you share your goals with others (of course sharing it with those who will lift you up!) your goals become alive and things that are alive don't stop growing.

What you will gain from this Workshop

  •  This will be a 2 hour zoom workshop together where you will walk away with a new perspective on effective planning and execution, along with strategies to help increase sales for Q2.  If you can't make it live the recording will be provided for you.

  • We will create a detailed 3 month road map for April, May and June

  • You will have practical weekly and daily tasks for you to move close to your goals

  • Gain effective proven strategies to help increase sales, create raving fans who lead to repeat clients and to generate additional revenue for your business

  • A stream lined proven process that has you spending more time doing things you love

  • Create a new relationship with your calendar and easy strategic implementation


The first 5 people who sign up will have Voxer access with me for one week after the workshop to help with the implementation process!!  Seriously this is gold, having me just a walkie talkie away from you!!

What people are saying about this strategy

Erin is super organized with great attention to detail and she listens. Really listens. If you know what you want and you are organized on your end, she can help you create a clear path to action. And she holds you accountable. Not in an annoying gym trainer tough love way but in a way that just makes you want to do it and share your success with her!

Erin has enabled me to take immediate action with immediate results in reaching back to my former clients. My mindset has shifted with respect to touch points with clients, ideas about how to nurture current and former clients are coming more naturally and it feels good to show you care about clients with little tokens of appreciation.

Working with Erin was Amazing! Really there is no better word. It feels good to be taking the ideas that I have been gathering from various business books about what I should be doing and actually just start doing them!

About Me!

Erin Binns is a business coach and strategist along with being a real estate agent who hung up her corporate sales director position of 17 years for the entrepreneurial journey. When Erin started working for herself she quickly connected with other female business owners to create that sense of community and “team” that she missed so much in corporate life.


Throughout this experience she saw that so many female (and most) entrepreneurs were missing the mark on a massive revenue opportunity in their business.  Entrepreneurs work so hard at finding a new client that they would forget to stay in touch with them.


Coming from the hotel corporate world where customer experience and service is paramount, she has developed a coaching strategy to help women grow their business beyond what they every thought they could, giving them back more time freedom and to help them call in clients with ease.

How the Workshop Works

  • This is a 2 hour workshop via Zoom on Friday March 26th @ 10am EST.


  • If you can't make it you will have access to the recording.

  • You will have in depth training on how to plan your day, week, and month. 

  • You will have a teeny tiny bit of prep work so that you can effectively plan out your Q2.

  • You will create a blue print of your Q2 so that you are more effective and can generate new sales with ease!


1. Who is this workshop ideal for?

If you are looking for strategies to generate new sales with an incredible amount of ease, you are in the right place.  This workshop is designed for anyone who needs help focusing on their goals and most importantly executing them.

2. Do I have to have an established business?

You could be in the beginning stages, have been doing your business for years or your have an idea for a business. 

This workshop is designed to help you level up in your business no matter what stage you are at.

3. What else will you be covering in the course besides strategy and execution?

I"m so glad you asked!  We all know that strategy is all well and good but if you don't implement the strategy is just a hope and a dream.  Reframing your mind around how you tackle certain tasks and how you view your "time" mindset is just as effective if not more that completing the actual task at hand.

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