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The Similarities between Fast Fashion and Your Clients

I had a revelation the other day when I was cleaning out my closet. Business owners are treating their clients like fast fashion.

I was proud I actually didn’t have that many pieces to donate or get rid of, but I do know that people have closets stuffed with items that they haven't worn for years, or they wore it last season and it's no longer "cool" or it's not the same quality from when they originally purchased the piece.

I try to buy pieces that I absolutely love and that will last me for years instead of just the “season”.

When you treat your clients like fast fashion, they will be here for one season (when they purchased your service) and once you finish and deliver on that service they are never to be seen or contacted again.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I'm obsessed with showing you how to creating long lasting relationships so that you can create 80% of your revenue from 20% of your clients. Drop the hustle to ALWAYS worrying where your next client is coming from and build the relationship so your clients are for life. So that they buy from you on a regular basis. that they are your biggest fans and in turn your referral sources.

I want you to think of your clients like building a solid wardrobe of pieces of clothing that make you happy, fulfilled and are of great quality. Purchase timeless pieces that will last you years instead of a few months. Work with clients that you actually love working with and develop long lasting relationships with them so that you are their "go to" in your industry, they wouldn't even think about using anyone else. Back in the 90's my Mom bought a coat from Holt Renfrew (on the holiday sale of course!) and I remember thinking that was so much money to spend on a coat. I couldn't believe she did that, money wasn't exactly flowing in our house. She loved that coat and about 12 years later the coat had served it's time and it was time to invest in a new one. Can you imagine using the same winter coat for 12 years? I never forgot that moment with the coat and the lesson of buying quality over quantity. Your clients are for life not just a season. They will be there with you in the ups and downs no matter what, it's because you took care of them for years. Build a business for a lifetime. Create relationships with clients so you build the loyalty and in turn you build repeat clients and raving fans.

I know that I could call up any of my past clients even from my corporate life and if I needed a favour or help they wouldn’t think twice about lending a hand. This is because I treated my clients like they were my best friend, never forgetting a birthday, acknowledging their achievements, doing random acts of kindness, helping them out when they were in a pickle all of this helps build your relationships and your business.

We all want to bring in more revenue but you have to stop chasing your next client (and yes we always need to find new clients!). But your next client could be sitting right in front of you. They are your warm network, they are your past clients, they are your current leads. They want to hear from you, they already know like and trust you….so make it easy for them to buy from you again.

The best way to do this is to have a system in place so that you don’t lose track of your clients. If you are thinking, I have no idea where to start or quite frankly you don’t have time or the interest…reach out. It’s my superpower, I show you how to connect to your clients without always selling them something.

I’m bringing you over 2 decades of creating exceptional client experiences to your business that create additional revenue that you’ve been wanting. Bring new profits to your business without having to hustle and worrying where your next client will come from.

I'm sharing with you the strategies that no one's talking about, the marketing to your existing and past clients. I promise you it's not that hard and it's okay if you haven't been in touch with your clients, I can show you how to reach out (even if it's been years since you connected with them).

When you think about connecting with your past clients do you find yourself:

  • Thinking I have no time to even take this on.

  • Not wanting to always selling your clients when you are reaching out to them.

  • Not even knowing where to start when it comes to any type of system.

Don't worry I've got you covered and have done-for-you service with my Revolution offer. where I take care of it for you. We revolutionize the way you think and do business with your clients. Click below.

I only have 2 spots open for this offer so reach out if this speaks to you to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Now go contact a past client and see what happens!

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