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Gifting with purpose

I get asked all the time about gifts and how business owners can show their appreciation to their clients. I've come up with a list this year of my favourite clients gifts as well as ones for yourself!

I know that this can seem like, I don't want to spend the money or I just don't know what to get so I'm here to make it simple for you.

It's another way to develop your relationships with your clients and show them that you are grateful for their business.

We have all received a gift that you know the person didn't put any thought into it.

We have all received a gift that went directly in the trash, sat on our shelf for ages or it was regifted.

I've got you covered and most of these are local Canadian made.

For Your Clients...

Caribou Gifts is a local Toronto based company and Megan has created thoughtfully and locally sourced products. You can give her a budget, what you'd like and she will curate a custom gift for your clients.

There are also a ton of items that you can buy individually and even has a storefront in the Junction.

Follow on IG @caribougfifts

Foli is my favourite plant delivery company, I've been using them since they started their company just a few years ago. They have a wide variety to choose from as well as the packaging is stunning! They were even recently on Dragon's Den and had all 5 dragons wanting to work with Emily!

A great message to add is "Thank you for helping my business grow this year"

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Mary Brigadeiro is my favourite chocolate shop in Toronto. Seriously they are like nothing I've ever had before. Led by a black woman, MB company was founded in 2015 by Mary when she immigrated from Brazil to Canada and decided to introduce to North America a new experience in loving chocolate through her chocolate creations and her culture.

They ship worldwide as well!

Follow on IG @marybrigadero

Resin Blondie is my favourite cheese board!

The reason I love them is because your clients will have them forever and will always think of you when they use it.

These are locally made here in Toronto!

Poetry of the Gods Candles are the most beautiful candle I've had, I light mine every morning when I get up.

You are supporting a Female Indigenous company. Poetry of the Gods was born out of a love for the connection between fragrance and memory, and the need to fill the gap of Indigenous makers in the beauty industry

Follow on IG @poetryofthegods

Charlie Burger Wine is a great way to deliver wine to your clients! They have monthly programs so depending on how much you want to spend you can customize it to your budget. I've used their services before and they are great. I even won a trip to Italy a few years ago, my name was drawn from all of their customers and it was incredible.

Alicia Locky Designs is a water colour artist. This would be a great if you are a real estate agent, mortgage broker or interior designer...anything to do with a home she can create custom paintings of your clients home for you.

They are beautiful and she is based here in Toronto

Follow on IG @alicialockydesigns

Mailin Jewlery is perfect if you just want something small and it can also fit nicely into a card so you can save on postage.

There are a many styles to choose from, this would be great if you are a coach or are looking for something in a smaller price range.

I've given these as gifts quite often and clients always love them.

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Hand written cards. Honestly if you just want to send a card to your clients please hand write them no matter how many you have.

Nothing is more impersonal than a pre printed card. You don't need custom cards either, go buy a box from your local store and just write them.

It shows that you took the time to say thank you and give your well wishes.

Gift cards...if you are going to give a gift cards try to support a local business. And if you can't then gift a gift card to something that the recipient will actually appreciate and use.

For you...

Wear All You Are Robe is my absolute favourite robe that I've ever had.

Kena is the founder and she is an incredible human and business owner. This company is based in Toronto and you won't be sorry you bought one of these, it's literally the perfect fit and is made out of sweatshirt material. They also have amazing lounge wear and a great message behind their brand.

Follow on IG @wearallyouare

Your Shop Girl Suzanne is your personal stylist. Book yourself or ask for this from your partner as a gift.

I had a session with Suzanne this fall and it was incredibly helpful, she just gets you and shows you how to feel good in your own skin (and clothes of course!)

We have all been stuck in a rut these past few years so gift yourself the gift of feeling fabulous!

Follow on IG @yourshopgirl

Vespertine Custom Blazer...yes that's me in this photo. For the first time in my life a blazer fits me like a glove!

The Capsule Blazer is a collaboration between Melanie Ferrara and Suzanne Colmer (Your Shop Girl)

Seriously do yourself a favour and run to get one of these....this can also all be done virtually!

Follow on IG @vespertine_ca

Christina Ramsay Art if you are looking to infuse some colour into your life look no further! I have two pieces and I absolutely love them!

Christina is a Toronto based abstract artist and she also does custom pieces so let's brighten up our homes and offices and walk into 2023 with a piece hanging on your wall that you absolutely love.

Follow on IG @christinaramsayart

North of Alpine winter hat is the best hat I've ever had! I know I say that a lot here but it's true. It's soft, fits like a glove and let's be honest it's super cute.

They are a Toronto based female lead business. If we have to endure these winters we may as well look and feel fantastic. I literally want to buy all of them!

Follow on IG @northofalpine

Hemlock and Oak is the most beautiful journal I've seen in a long time. I just discovered them and am still deciding as to which one I want! If you know me you know that I'm super picky about my journals.

They have journals, notebooks, notepads and sticky notes. The come dated and undated as well which I absolutely love.

These are Canadian made and look stunning!

Follow on IG @hemlockandoak

My favourite charity...

The Period Purse creates menstrual equity by ensuring sustainable access to period products for all, and by ending the stigma associated with periods through education.

They are an incredible organization that is making a massive difference in Toronto and Canada wide.

Remember that gift giving is supposed to be fun, just keep it simple and try not to over complicate it. When you give you receive, I promise you it's all going to come back to you when you least expect it.

These are just a few of the things I love, I could go on and on! If you ever need help figuring out what to give send me a DM or email me at

I'm always here to help and make the day of those around us one gift at at time.

There are a ton of wonderful local businesses in your neighbourhood who are catering to clients, have beautiful packaging, are thoughtfully sourced and don't have massive impacts on the environment. I talk about this all the time on the Suit to Sneaker Podcast at the end of each episode I ask my guest to give a shout out to their favourite local business, I've discovered so many great new companies that I've ended up supporting.

Happy Holidays my friends.


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