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What if you could increase your business up to 80% by focusing on your current clients?

Hi I'm Erin, but most people call me Binns!  I'm serious about helping women grow their business without taking myself too seriously!  Here I've created

The Client Collective, where I teach you how to grow your business through client-centred strategies such as growing and maximizing your current data base, finding new leads and giving you a solid foundation to build your business on.  I give you the practical tools you'll need to achieve your goals while having fun, doing business with ease and most importantly, increasing your revenue!


When I hung up my corporate business suit for the entrepreneurial world, I was seriously shocked to hear from so many entrepreneurs that a major component of their business was missing: the client focus. Most entrepreneurs are too busy trying to find a new client when the gold mine is in your current database - the client you already have. One of the best pieces of advice a boss ever gave me was "You can never be upset that you lost a piece of business if you didn't ask for it in the first place."  You see, business owners rarely ask for referrals, don't regularly connect with their clients and don't use a customer tracking system. What I'm here to show entrepreneurs is that they can greatly improve their bottom line by taking care of their current clients.  Did you know that 80% of your total business will come from just 20% of your clients!  Most business owners are always hustling and are so stressed about where their next client will come from that they don't see the opportunity in the clients they already have.  


I'm obsessed with helping entrepreneurs see the big picture of what their business could look like and giving them the tools to do so. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance, a very strategic step by step systems to help manage clients, grow your data base and increase your revenue all by taking care of their clients and of course finding new ones.

What I'm all about...

About Me

I fell into the world of customer service at age 20 while working for a luxury hotel chain.  This experience made me understand the importance of client-focused strategies, which I have employed in my own business. I have a practical approach to business while emphasizing an exceptional level of customer.


Coaching has always come naturally to me so I've decided to bring it to the masses!  This practical program will help you increase your revenue, retain clients, enhance your clients' overall experience, and will have leads coming to you. You have the ability to thrive and grow, sometimes you just need a nudge!


It's never easy to talk about yourself or to ask for referrals and testimonials, however it's so important for your business.   I'll teach you how to effectively ask for and receive meaningful recommendations.  I know it doesn't sound sexy, but it will have a massive impact to your confidence and most importantly your bottom line.

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When I first launched my business, I was thrilled to do something I love and have great flexibility around family life. I connected with Erin when I saw a real business opportunity to grow my revenues and income and wanted to invest more time into growth. I had had one big month prior to working with her and wanted to make that the norm. Working with Erin helped me attract new clients and bring on more contractors, so I could sustain and navigate the growth without compromising my lifestyle. Erin’s expertise in sales, client service and customer relationship management are hugely valuable to anyone in client services and her mindset and coaching style help eliminate any doubt to pursue big goals with confidence. What I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year working with Erin has exceeded all my expectations and dreams and has given me tools and systems to take forward into the next phase of growth.

Sarah Grant
Be Neat Studio

Ready for more?

If your business needs a boost, an overhaul or needs help getting out of the gate, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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