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client LAB

How can creating the most amazing client experience impact your business?  How will having all your systems are in place will bring in incremental revenue? 


  • Never leave money on the table again.

  • Ensure your clients don't buy from the competition.   

  • When you create a raving fan they are a client for life and a client for life is a repeat client which more passive revenue and less work for you!

  • Having a business run like a well oiled machine means you are level up, you are going places you only dreamed of.  You can't run your business like you did when you first started, you've upgraded!

This is where the CLIENT LAB comes in, having everything organized so that you have more time and peace of mind to do what you love AND most of all, bring in the revenue without the hustle and grind.

Ohh how I love a good system that
actually makes you money!

When I first became an entrepreneur I'd often be in conversations with other entrepreneurs and I'd be curious about what they did for their client experiences.  Coming from the hotel biz that was everything, I'd ask....


What do you do for their clients?

How do you show appreciation?

How do you stay connected to your clients?

I'd often be looked at with a blank stare. 


See the thing is that most entrepreneurs are good at their craft, they aren't necessarily strong at the business side and creating these systems and that's totally okay, thats what the Client Lab is for.  An easy step by step system so that you can implement these simple strategies to help grow your business.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table, did you know that you can grow your business by 

80% when you  implement these simple shifts.

This is why I've created the Client Lab for you!  Done for you templates and check lists so you can quickly implement them and stat to see results right away.  This is a do it yourself guide with: 


  • Check lists for how and when to reach out to your clients so they don't slip through the cracks.

  • Email templates to help stream line your processes and save you time.

  • Client Tracker so you can have all your client info in one place and intimately know your numbers.

All of this will have you be more productive with your time and will GIVE you back time and your bank account will thank you.  You will have a handle on your business as to where your business is coming from, do you need to increase your pricing (probably because we too often undercharge for our services!) and will give you an excellent over all picture of your business so you can effectively bring in new revenue.

computer and documents.png



You've always been meaning to get
organized with this but...

 Instead you find yourself always worrying about where your next client is going to come from.

You don't actually know how to create the ultimate client experience or even know where to get started.

You'd simply rather be doing something else...and that's totally okay to feel that way!

You are a genius when it comes to your business but don't even think about the client experience because you just want to deliver on what they hired you for.

Image by Hayley Maxwell

with over 20 years of creating


Let me take the guess work out for you.

Scroll Down


Having your onboarding system in place so when that client says "send me the contract" you have everything you need set up for a seamless process?

What if you had email templates already set up so all you had to do was change a few details and it was already in flow?

How would your client feel when they receive the most amazing client experience from the very first step of working with you?

What would it mean for you and your business that you were able to stay connected with all of your clients no matter what stage they are at?

This all builds relationships with your clients and this leads to referrals.  Then you get to run your our business with leads coming TO you instead of YOU trying to hustle and grind to find your next client.

Want to start calling in clients on repeat this month?

Image by STIL

So your business can run like a well oiled machine and runs even if you aren't there!  Implement these easy yet effective systems so you can go do what you love to do.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Use these templates as a guide and customize them for you and your business.  This will give you back time and will bring in revenue you know you were meant to have!

Image by Zan

Create the most amazing client experience so that clients come back over and over again and are your ultimate raving fans! AKA the repeat client, the best kind of client!

How can the CLIENT LAB
help your business?

Never miss out on a sale because you weren't in touch.  Stay connected to your clients, gain access to client check lists and workflows for your business. This will give you back more time freedom than you ever imagined.
Email templates that you can customize for your business.  On boarding, off boarding and everything in between!  Again when you have a system in place you can focus on what you really love doing.
Create the most unique experience for your clients, be the industry leader when it comes to bringing back the art of customer service for your clients.

Whats next and I have a question...

When will I receive the information and templates?

Once payment is received you will be sent the documents and log in within a few minutes.

What kind of business is this best suited for?

Is this a do it yourself or will you be helping me along the way?

This program is a do it yourself guide and there is an option to upgrade to have a one hour call with me to guide you in the right direction.

If your business is client facing or on line then this is for you!  

The Client LaBis yours
for only $369 


$69 until October 31st! 

Need an Upgrade Option?

You'd love access to Erin's expertise to guide you as to where to start and what to specifically do in your business.  Upgrade to have a one hour call with Erin where we will deep dive into your business and you will walk away with a plan that can be easily implemented.
Save time trying to figure this out.
Gain clarity on specific areas of your business.
Start checking items off your list quicker that will actually move your business forward.
Finally bring in sales on repeat in your business.

Book your one hour call and get a plan into your hands quicker!


Upgrade for $599

$299 until October 31st!

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